"Annie has been a very involved and committed volunteer with Mums in Need (an ambitious, start-up community-based organisation supporting mums who’ve been emotionally abused).  All her input has been conducted virtually which has been incredible as she’s been able to create real impact for Mums in Need (MIN).

Her focus has been on both strategic and practical input.  On the strategic front, she’s helped shape MIN’s aspirations to effect change at a national level through establishing a network of key influencers e.g. the CEO of Women’s Aid.  

On the practical front, she has used her extensive not-for-profit expertise to develop a sound organisational infrastructure to ensure that MIN can develop sustainably.  As a start-up, she’s been able to use her experience to offer appropriate support, advice and encouragement to both myself, key volunteers and the Trustees."

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- Laura Riley, CEO - Mums in Need (www.mumsinneed.com)

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