When Good Stuff Happens is a FREE virtual summit (14 - 20 October 2018), guaranteed to whet the appetite of game changers and change makers worldwide who are determined to create or scale their social impact and are searching for the trailblazers who are leading the way.

This inspiring week showcases innovative models that are shaping the social impact landscape, building infrastructure and paving the way for others to grow their initiatives to do more of the ‘good stuff’.

How it works: Every day during the week of 14 –20 October 2018, you’ll meet one of these amazing people.  You’ll receive a link via email delivered directly to your inbox.  Click on this and you can hop on board a pre-recorded audio interview (c20 – 38 mins in length) with the day’s featured game changer.  Hear in their own words how they’ve made the seemingly impossible a reality, whose lives they transformed and why, as well as what they’ve learnt on their journey.

Below you’ll discover how and why each of these game changers was invited to participate in the When Good Stuff Happens Virtual Summit. 

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Mary Rose Gunn - The Fore

Who's in the hot seat?

Mary Rose Gunn, CEO, The Fore

How do they make ‘The Good Stuff Happen’?

The Fore’s pioneering funding model removes barriers to access and connects even the most isolated, smaller organisations with expertise from the business community and financial support.  Tune in to Mary Rose Gunn, CEO of The Fore, to find out the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind empowering the smaller organisations…

Jack Graham - Year Here

Who's in the hot seat?

Jack Graham, Founder & CEO, Year Here

How do they make ‘The Good Stuff Happen’?

Year Here, a one year London-based post grad course, is something you’re unlikely to have come across before.  Discard your entrenched view of what a conventional post grad course looks like.  Instead, take a tour with Jack Graham, Year’s Here’s Founder and CEO, as he explains that, with no course fees, the course is a platform for entrepreneurial young professionals to build smart solutions to entrenched social problems.  The students, called Fellows, learn from, and design with, people at the frontline of inequality – in care homes, hostels and youth services across London.  With the creation of impressive social enterprises like Birdsong, a fashion brand selling clothes handcrafted by women’s groups – from elderly knitters to migrant seamstresses – with a ‘no sweatshops, no photoshop’ ethos, Year Here is one to watch.

James Sancto - We Make Change

Who's in the hot seat?

James Sancto, Co-Founder & CEO, We Make Change

How do they make ‘The Good Stuff Happen’?

James Sancto and his team at We Make Change are rewriting the way in which volunteering and social change takes place.  We Make Change, is not just a platform, it’s a movement.  Millennials, the generation of digital natives, with access to connectivity and immense technological innovation, are the first generation with the potential to address global poverty and the last with the opportunity to stop climate change.

James shares how the millennial generation are stepping up to tackle these challenges.

Philipa Bragman - CHANGE

Who's in the hot seat?

Philipa Bragman, Founder & CEO, CHANGE

How do they make ‘The Good Stuff Happen’?

CHANGE, a learning disability rights charity, is unapologetic about the fact that it's getting its message out about why it exists, the work that needs to be done and how it’s going to change things.  Take this stat on employment for instance: 65% of people with a learning disability would like a job, yet only 6% have one.  It’s a fact that people with learning disabilities are excluded from mainstream life in ways which are simply not acceptable. 


One of the ways in which CHANGE brings progress is through using their toolkit.  This turns the decision-making process on it’s head, creating an emotional connection between people who're the ‘power holders’ (think professionals, policy makers, budget holders) and everyone else.  This means that they then meet on a 'level playing field' – and that’s just the starting point.  


Philipa Bragman is at the helm of this cutting-edge charity; listen to her speak passionately about how the CHANGE team and the tools for engagement that are creating waves.

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When Good Stuff Happens 14 - 20 Oct 18 P
Gareth Presch - World Health Innovation

Who's in the hot seat?

Gareth Presch, Founder & CEO, World Health Innovation Summit (#WHIS) | Expert Lead SDG 3 & 4 United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute

How do they make ‘The Good Stuff Happen’?

“Together, We Inspire” is the World Health Innovation Summit’s motto.  Also known as #WHIS, it’s based on an ambitious global health platform in which everyone (patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education and businesses) works together to provide holistic health and well-being care on a scale that’s never been seen – until now that is.


With several billion people in the world and the far-reaching influence of effective health and well-being, these are the types of solutions that the world needs right now.  


Join Gareth on the #WHIS journey in this interview.

When Good Stuff Happens - Yas Grigaliuna

Who's in the hot seat?

Yas Grigaliunas, Co-Founder & CEO, World's Biggest Garage Sale

How do they make ‘The Good Stuff Happen’?

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale is exactly what it says on the tin, there’s no doubt about that.  Dig a bit deeper and you’ll discover that this model is the circular economy in action: a neatly closed loop in which quality donated goods are sold thus avoiding landfill, with funds going to charity. 


The less obvious part of the loop is the community buy-in that makes these events so successful.  The goods' donators can see the tangible difference that their gift makes.  Local people get excited about these events which bring entire communities together to make them happen. 


The best news is that Yas Grigaliunas, CEO and Co-Founder, has some even bigger plans on the horizon…

Liz Waters - An Cosan Virtual Community

Who's in the hot seat?

Liz Waters, CEO, An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC)

How do they make ‘The Good Stuff Happen’?

Liz Waters has a theory called the ‘one generation solution’.  This is the way in which an entire generation can be lifted out of poverty through education.  Actually, it’s a theory that’s been borne out in reality many times over.  Liz shares the incredible story of how An Cosán Virtual Community College is, quite literally, changing lives.


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